ZyGEM & MicroLab stronger than ever!


The reagents of ZyGEM (Hamilton, NZ) and the microfluidics technology of MicroLab (Charlottesville, USA) have re-emerged under the umbrella of MicroGEM International PLC. At the helm of this new venture are, Richard Healey and Jonathan Sims, who bring a wealth of corporate management and manufacturing expertise. MicroGEM is pleased to build upon the work of its subsidiaries by providing novel reagents and microfluidic instrumentation to the forensic and clinical sectors, while developing reagents and technologies for new markets, including the agricultural and veterinary industries.

MicroGEM continues to develop instruments and consumables to simplify Nucleic Acid analysis in the laboratory and beyond. Products in development will provide forensic laboratories with new tools to address backlog and incoming samples.

New products include the PDQeX, low cost device that produces PCR and HID-ready DNA in minutes. Together with a new formulation phytoGEM, it will also allow rapid extraction from plant leaves.


MicroGEM Board


Newly formed Board of Directors for MicroGEM International PLC. Left to right: James Landers, Richard Healey, Jonathan Sims, Martin Goddard, David Saul (Absent: Garth Smith)





The PDQeX 2400 rapidly extracts DNA from a variety of samples. It's small footprint and speed makes it a compact and cost-effective replacement for larger robotic systems.


The secret of the PDQeX is in the chemistry of the disposable tubes.