Mr Jonathan Sims MSc


Jonathan SimsAfter completing his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry at Imperial College (1984), Jonathan attended Sandhurst and then spent the following 16 years serving in the Royal Logistics Corps. His first direct involvement with international business was in 1998 when he completed his Masters’ thesis (Operations Management from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (1998)) studying quality in Chinese manufacturing. Highly numerate, his expertise has been in operations and manufacturing with particular emphasis on improving quality, speed and customer service whilst reducing costs. He has very strong leadership qualities that were developed during his service with the British Army, where he reached the rank of Major. After leaving the Army, he moved to China where he established a manufacturing business designed to enable Western SMEs to access Chinese manufacturing; this business has continued to grow since its creation. His other interests are expedition caving and cave diving.


Mr Richard Healey BSc - Chairman


Richard HealeyRichard Healey was born in Wallasey, UK and was brought up and educated on Merseyside (Liverpool). He holds degrees from Liverpool University Institute of Science and Technology. He has also taken post graduate degree in Finance and Commercial Law at Bristol University Legal Faculty. After spending 7 years in the navy, leaving having reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander he went into industry. He has worked for a number of large multinational operations in the engineering sector, the last in that sector being CEO of Morgan Crucible’s Power and Energy Division with 12 facilities worldwide with 6 of these operations in Asia.

Early in 2000 he joined Planet Metals Ltd., as Chairman. This was a platinum mining operation in Orissa. India. After 18 months he directed and oversaw its transformation to Platinum Mining Corporation of India PLC (PMCI) and listed the company on the London Stock Exchange. 4 years later he organised the sale to a Russian group with interests in India. He then started Nusantara Energy PLC and was appointed Chairman. This company discovered and funded the current largest coal asset in Indonesia (Sumatra) which was again sold to a Swiss Group of financiers. He is now Chairman of Equatorial Energy PLC, and  Pacific Gold. These companies are coal and gold mining explorations in Irian Jaya. He is also Chairman of HY Resources Pte Ltd (Singapore) an oil trading house specialising in renewable products. Over the last 14 years he has been heavily involved in the mining industry, latterly (last 12 years) with coal and gold mining. He has knowledge and experience of the infrastructure needed for the coal industry and has managed to keep a somewhat “hands on” operational role combined with city financing success.


Martin Goddard FCA - CFO


Martin GoddardMartin is an experienced business leader and chartered accountant who had four decades of skills and experience in a wide range of industries and economic circumstances in the UK, Europe, USA and the Far East. He has spent over thirty years in the highest echelons of business strategy and finance for public companies, larger private companies and high growth new ventures.

Special skills and experience related to board level business and financial strategies, merges and acquisitions, stock market listings in London, Zurich and New York, accessing private equity capital and in-depth evaluation of business investments.


Dr David Saul PhD - CSO


David SaulDr David Saul received an honours degree in Genetics from The University of Sheffield (UK) in 1980 and went on to acquire a PhD in Molecular Genetics in 1984 (also from Sheffield) having researched the genetics of cell division. Since then, he has worked in a several fields relating to the molecular study of microorganisms and their genes, but has largely focused on extremophiles and their uses for biotechnology. 

For 21 years, David worked as a team leader, researcher and academic at the University of Auckland, New Zealand which is one of the top universities worldwide. His specialities include, molecular genetics, microbiology, biotechnology and computational biology. He is one of the founding scientists of ZyGEM and has spent the last ten years directing the R&D program for ZyGEM and has designed most of the company's products. Presently, he is the CSO and manages the New Zealand operation.


Dr Garth Smith DSc, PhD, MSc - Plant Systems.

Garth SmithGarth was awarded a PhD in Plant Physiology in 1977, and a DSc in Kiwifruit Physiology in 1997, both from Waikato University. He then founded two companies based upon his research; one centred on the discovery of two plant based compounds that are safe for humans but highly effective against drug resistant malaria, and the other company on a zero calorie sweetener extracted from a fruit.

Garth is a scientist with an international reputation who has published approximately 200 scientific papers on plant physiology,