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Catalogue numbers


Catalog # Product name Pack size (Rxn)
FBL0050 forensicGEM Blood 50
FBL0200 forensicGEM Blood 200
FBL0500 forensicGEM Blood 500
FBL001K forensicGEM Blood 1000
PBL0050 prepGEM Blood 50
PBL0200 prepGEM Blood 200
PBL0500 prepGEM Blood 500
PBL001K prepGEM Blood 1000


The ZyGEM Blood kits is a simple enzymatic DNA extraction system specifically optimised to overcome the PCR inhibition commonly found with single tube extraction protocols for blood.  It is ideal for high throughput genotyping applications, PCR applications, or SNP detection: whenever rapid results are required. 

  • The kit uses optimized methods and formulations to provide DNA in 20 minutes.
  • The method uses a single centrifugation step and does not rely on washes, beads or columns
  • Reactions are closed-tube and hands-off.
  • All buffers and reagents are PCR compatible, so no downstream purification is required.

These features make prepGEM™ Blood ideal for large-scale automation in medical research workflows. The few steps and simple methodology of prepGEM™ Blood allow easy adaptation to most liquid handling platforms for full or partial automation. This allows for walk-away capability or parallel processing of thousands of samples per day.

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