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Catalogue numbers


Catalog # Product name Pack size (Rxn)
PIN0050 prepGEM Insect 50
PIN0200 prepGEM Insect 200
PIN0500 prepGEM Insect 500
PIN001K prepGEM Insect 1000


prepGEM Insect is a formulation developed for extracting quality DNA from whole insects or insect parts. It yields PCR-ready DNA, which shows reduced inhibition from various compounds that have been shown to limit PCR performance. The extracted DNA is suitable for barcoding, sequencing and SNP applications.  

These features make prepGEM Insect ideal for large-scale automation in environmental screening programs. The few steps and simple methodology of prepGEM Insect allow easy adaptation to most liquid handling platforms for full or partial automation.  This allows for full walk-away capability or parallel processing of thousands of samples per day with off-deck incubation.

The kit uses optimized methods and formulations to provide DNA in 20 minutes.

  • No columns, beads or centrifugation steps.
  • Reactions are closed-tube and hands-off.
  • All buffers and reagents are PCR compatible, so no downstream purification is required.


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