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Catalogue numbers


Catalog # Product name Pack size (Rxn)
FSA0050 forensicGEM Saliva 50
FSA0200 forensicGEM Saliva 200
FSA0500 forensicGEM Saliva 500
FSA001K forensicGEM Saliva 1000
PSA0050 prepGEM Saliva 50
PSA0200 prepGEM Saliva 200
PSA0500 prepGEM Saliva 500
PSA001K prepGEM Saliva 1000


ZyGEM Saliva kits are specifically developed for extracting DNA from buccal swabs and saliva stains.

  • prepGEM Saliva is our kit designed for R&D.
  • forensicGEM Saliva is validated and further quality tested for forensic applications.
  • The simplicity of the method maximizes yields of DNA from trace samples.
  • The kit’s optimized methods and formulations provide DNA in 20 minutes.
  • All buffers and reagents are PCR compatible with common profiling kits.
  • The methods are closed-tube and hands-off.

With the ZyGEM Saliva kits, staff can produce high quality DNA samples with high-throughput automation during a closed-tube procedure that protects the integrity of the DNA from the saliva samples and protects the user from pathogens.

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