Swab PDQeX Profile

PowerPlex Profile from Buccal Swab extracted with the ZyGEM PDQeX


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The PDQeX 2400

The PDQeX 2400 is a rapid, robust DNA extraction device that can achieve PCR and Human profile-ready DNA in under ten minutes (see the brochure). The compact size means it can easily be placed in a laminar flow hood or on the benchtop. The PDQeX 2400 is a 24 sample extractor with a small footprint (200 x 200 mm).

The PDQeX is built with efficient workflow in mind and is designed to dispense DNA in a format that makes multichannel or robotic pipetting easy. The extraction tubes dispense directly into 8-strip PCR tubes. So far, we have developed extractor tubes and programs for: buccal swabs, blood, fingerprints and semen. More target substrates will be developed soon.

Extractor Tube  

The disposable extractor tube contains all the equipment for processing the sample and ejecting the DNA.


       • Eliminates transfer steps

       • Makes setup easy

       • Reduces waste

       • Protected from contamination