Arabidopsis qPCR qPCR plots of DNA from PDQeX 2400 extracts of an Arabidopsis leaf. The plot shows the results from a high and a low copy gene.



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PhytoGEM Logo

The automated DNA extraction system using the PDQeX is called phytoGEM. 

The PDQeX takes 24 samples and processes plant samples in less than 15 minutes and works with plant groups from around the world. We are happy to work with customers to modify the design and programs to suit their needs. 

The sample collection tool crushes leaf material onto a proprietary paper and gives you an opportunity to lay down samples for long term storage. The papers are bar-coded (or in later designs RIFD tagged) to assist with workflow data integrity. 


Gripper and Card The phytoGEM system consists of four parts:
  • The sample collection tool
  • Sample collection and storage cards
  • Disposable PDQeX extractor Tubes
  • PDQeX 2400 Extraction device (see the brochure)