PDQeX prepGEM Tissue is a lower cost reagent and cartridge kit designed for the Life Sciences. It has been developed for extracting DNA from solid animal tissue (biopsies, punches, animal ear punches), hair roots and dispersed tissue culture.

With this kit, staff can produce high-quality DNA from a broad range of tissue types. The closed-cartridge procedure protects the integrity of the DNA, and the user from any pathogens that may be present in the sample.

The following are samples of typical qPCR plots using GAPDH primers and DNA extracted from meat samples.

A 2 mm biopsy of the tissue sample was added to the PDQeX cartridge and the procedure carried out as described in the instruction manual. The total time taken by PDQeX prepGEM Tissue is approximately 15 minutes, fully automated and hands-off.

Raw Meat

LEFT: Black = cow ear biopsy taken during tagging, Blue = standards (2 ng/µl, 0.4 ng/µl, 0.08 ng/µl).

RIGHT: Blue = beef cheek, Black = beef steak, Red = Beef on the bone.

For all samples, 5 µl of a 1/20 dilution of the DNA extract was used in 20 µl qPCR reactions.


Cooked Meat

LEFT: Red = beef steak, Blue = beef cheek.

RIGHT: Blue = lamb shank, Black = pork, Red = chicken, Green = sheep heart, Magenta = lambs fry.

For all samples, 5 µl of undiluted DNA extract was used in 20 µl qPCR reactions.


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