ZyGEM PDQeX Sexcrime take advantage of our new Acrosolv reagent which lyses sperm without needing chemicals that inhibit qPCR (such as SDS, mercaptoethanol and DTT). The reagents provide thorough lysis of sperm cells in 20 minutes.

Because there are no transfer steps, the yield is maximized and the opportunities for mistakes and contamination are minimized.

Sperm CountEpithelial cell count
(cells / µl)
Average of Auto (ng/µL)Average of Y (ng/µL )

The average concentration of DNA from three replicate extractions at each sperm cell count was estimated using the Promega Plexor® HY System on an Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real Time PCR System.

To mimic a typical forensic casework sample, semen of unknown cell count was deposited on denim jeans with garden soil stains. The jeans were then stored at room temperature for one month. Two cuttings (~3mm2 each) were taken from a portion of the jeans with obvious soil. An additional two cuttings were taken from an unsoiled area of the jeans.

qPCR from the semen deposited on both soiled and unsoiled denim showed that PDQeX Sexcrime provides sufficient DNA (7 -10 ng /µl DNA). The qPCR quants were then used to determine the amount of template added for STR amplification. The Promega Powerplex® Fusion System was used for profiling. Approximately 1 ng of template DNA was amplified for 28 cycles on an Applied Biosystems 9700. Separations were performed on an Applied Biosystems 3130xl.


STR profile from semen deposited on soiled area of denim jeans.


STR profile from semen deposited on unsoiled area of denim jeans.

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