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Catalogue numbers


Catalog # Product name Pack size (Rxn)
FCI0050 forensicGEM Cigarette 50
FCI0200 forensicGEM Cigarette 200
FCI0500 forensicGEM Cigarette 500
FCI001K forensicGEM Cigarette 1000


Cigarette Butts are among the commonest pieces of forensic evidence found at crime scenes, yet many labs refuse to handle them because they are difficult to process. The reason for the complexity is due to the fact that most DNA-extraction methods co-extract a wide range of tars and phenolics that are inhibitory to Taq DNA polymerase. Worse, different cigarette brands release different inhibitors thereby confounding purification. A typical work-around is to purify the extracted DNA using columns or beads. These are expensive, labour-intensive, and difficult to automate (essential for volume samples). But worse, their low efficiency makes them ill-suited for trace samples.

ZyGEM has adapted the standard forensicGEM extraction method to use a new buffer (ORANGE) that is capable of solublizing DNA and dispersing epithelial cells, without releasing the hydrophobic inhibitors. 

The result is a method that is closed-tube, exceptionally simple, and high-yield (given the sample-type). forensicGEM Cigarette reliably and robustly delivers PCR /profile-ready DNA in less than 20 minutes from ALL cigarette brands tested.

  • forensicGEM is validated and quality tested for forensic applications.
  • The simplicity of the method maximizes yields of DNA from trace samples.
  • The kit uses methods that are simpler than any other on the market.
  • It is easily automated for volume processing.
  • All buffers and reagents are compatible with common profiling kits.
  • The methods are closed-tube and hands-off.

See our Application Note for more details on forensicGEM Cigarette (link below).

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