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Catalogue numbers


Catalog # Product name Pack size (Rxn)
FSS0050 forensicGEM Storage Card Saliva 50
FSS0200 forensicGEM Storage Card Saliva 200
FSS0500 forensicGEM Storage Card Saliva 500
FSS001K forensicGEM Storage Card Saliva 1000
PSS0050 prepGEM Storage Card Saliva 50
PSS0200 prepGEM Storage Card Saliva 200
PSS0500 prepGEM Storage Card Saliva 500
PSS001K prepGEM Storage Card Saliva 1000


The ZyGEM Storage Card Saliva kits are for extracting DNA from saliva stored on FTA cards. FTA cards are commonly used in forensic laboratories for storing reference samples – samples of saliva taken from buccal swabs.

It is commonly considered that the DNA becomes intricately woven into the fabric of the card and this means that the DNA cannot be washed off the card and punch must be processed directly. We disagree with this assertion and believe that the DNA becomes bound to the card by a protein glue. Hence the card can be pre-washed (to remove the preservatives) and then the DNA released using the ZyGEM protease.

  • forensicGEM is validated and quality tested for forensic applications.
  • prepGEM is available for all uses.
  • The simplicity of the method maximizes yields of DNA from trace samples.
  • The kit’s optimized methods and formulations provide DNA in just over 30 minutes.
  • All buffers and reagents are PCR compatible with common profiling kits.
  • The methods are closed-tube and hands-off.

These features make ZyGEM Storage Card Saliva particularly valuable for high-throughput automation of high-volume crime samples. The procedure is easily adaptable for 96-well plates, and the closed-tube nature of the method protects the integrity of the sample through the extraction procedure. 

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