Extraction of DNA from plant samples by current methods is laborious and difficult. ZyGEM has developed a simple technique for collecting cells from leaves, seeds, roots, stems and cotyledons while providing a storage option and generating PCR-ready DNA.  The cell collection takes less than a minute. Using ZyGEM’s PDQeX technology for DNA extraction, total processing time is approximately 15 minutes from a plant sample to PCR-ready DNA. The phytoGEM collection cards allow for plant samples to be stored at room temperature for months at a time, removing the need for freezing of samples and cold storage. As the PDQeX machine is small and lightweight, collection and extraction can be done in the greenhouse with no need to take samples back to the lab.

PDQeX phytoGEM System

The phytoGEM extraction system is a simple closed-tube method for extracting PCR-ready plant DNA. It takes approximately 15 minutes to go from leaf to DNA … And most of that time is hands-off. The phytoGEM system comes with the PDQeX2400 device, two sample collection tools (leaf crushing hand grips) and some sample phytoCards.

PDQeX phytoGEM Plant Kit

The phytoGEM plant kit includes extraction cartridges, phytoCards and punches. phytoGEM is the PDQeX kit to use to recover DNA from leaves, stems, needles, pollen, fungi and plant pathogens.

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