ZyGEM NZ Introduces phytoGEM to International Arabidopsis Research Community

The ZyGEM NZ team attended the 27th International Conference on ArabidopsisResearch (ICAR) to demonstrate the new phytoGEM nucleic acid extraction system. Held this year in Gyeongju, Korea from June 29 – July 3, ICAR is an annual scientific gathering around the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana, to better understand basic processes in plant genetics and biology.

The ZyGEM phytoGEM system represents a simple technique for collecting cells from a leaf by combining sample collection, storage and nucleic acid extraction in a single low-cost system. Leaf disks are crushed directly onto storage cards in the field using the phytoGEM crusher tool. Leveraging ZyGEM’s fully-automated PDQeX 2400 technology, the system provides analysis-ready DNA in less than 15 minutes. Extracted nucleic acids are perfect for end-point and real-time PCR (qPCR), high throughput screening and pathogen detection. From leaf on a tree to PCR-ready DNA, this sophisticated yet simple technology uses thermally-modulated enzymatic reactions and thermo-responsive disposable extraction tubes.

The company is in late stage development of RNA extraction and is working with leading laboratories to evaluate the system.

For more information about PDQeX 2400 and phytoGEM, visit ICAR booth 6 or contact Rob Thompson at r.thompson@zygem.com.

Figure A: qPCR plot of PDQeX-extracted Arabidopsis thaliana DNA using the Adh gene. Figure B: End-point PCR amplification products from Arabidopsis thaliana.

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