Forenteq Attends Forensics Europe Conference and Exhibition; Showcases ZyGEM’s Forensics Solutions

Forenteq, ZyGEM’s distributor in the United Kingdom, attended the Forensic Europe Conference and Exhibition, England in May 2017. Attended by over 10,000 experts from internationally renowned academic institutions and forensic laboratories, the event featured presentations on challenges and opportunities in forensics as well as the latest technical solutions and novel applications in the field of forensic science.

Forenteq’s Managing Director, Paul Butler, showcased ZyGEM’s PDQeX DNA extraction device. The PDQeX 2400, along with ZyGEM’s forensicGEM reagent kits, deliver low-cost DNA extraction of typical forensic samples (blood, bloodstains, semen, vaginal, disperse tissue, solid tissue, buccal and cigarette), processing 24 samples in 10-20 minutes.

“ZyGEM’s rapid, simple and inhibitor-free approach to forensic DNA processing was well-received by attendees,” stated Butler. “I was especially pleased to talk with several police forces embarking on their own DNA extraction and analysis. Rather than contracting out to forensic service providers., these police departments can use the PDQeX to easily process samples in-house with reliability and accuracy, all at a cost within their budgets. This is a significant step forward for the police community, enabling them to independently process evidence in a timely manner.”

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About Forenteq

Forenteq is a distributor of state-of-the-art forensic science equipment. The company distributes ground breaking forensic technology solutions that speed up the process of evidence recovery whilst maintaining quality and accuracy. Products include forensic light sources, fingerprint imaging, fingerprint development, evidence screening, blood and GSR screening, comparison and SEM microscopes, voice biometrics, DNA extraction and sub-surface imaging.


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