Interest in faSTR Technology Spans the Continents

Fluorescence detection for STR profiling in the faSTR system

The faSTR Profiling System, one of MicroGEM’s most promising emerging technologies, is a field DNA analysis device capable of generating a 10 loci profile in less than 30 minutes. It is poised to change field-based STR profiling in both the criminal justice and military arenas. It will eventually extend to clinical diagnostic sectors, potentially as a home-based testing system.

In June 2017, over a time span of three weeks, James Landers, PhD, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Virginia, and Director of MicroGEM International and Chief Scientific Officer of ZyGEM US, spoke about the faSTR technology at five prestigious conferences and institutes, sharing the latest technical updates with leading forensic researchers and practitioners.

  • University of Toronto (Canada) Chemistry Department: An Integrated, Centrifugally-Driven Microdevice for Rapid, Sample-to-Result Genetic Analysis
  • Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference (Toronto, Ontario): An Integrated, Microfluidic Device for Rapid Genetic Analysis 
  • Toronto Forensic Science Center: Rapid, Sample-to-Result STR Profiling for Forensic DNA Analysis 
  • Nobel Symposium on Microfluidics (Stockholm, Sweden): Microfluidic-based Developments for Expeditionary Deployment by the Military
  • Lund (Sweden) University Biomedical Engineering Microfluidics Workshop

When fully developed, faSTR will provide an integrated instrument and microfluidic disc capable of automated end-to-end DNA analysis. MicroGEM International PLC supports the commercial development of the faSTR technology.

For more information about faSTR, contact Dr. Landers at

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