Key Highlights at 2017 International Symposium on Human ID (ISHI)

ISHI is a conference that is comprehensive in its coverage of forensic DNA research and case work, while providing a more global view of the importance of genetic analysis as a field. It is large enough to meet a broad array of interest in DNA, but small enough to be intimate.”

James Landers, PhD
ZyGEM US and the University of Virginia


Dr. James Landers presents the future of faSTR.

Forensic experts from 40 countries convened at the 28th International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI) in Seattle in October. ISHI is the largest annual conference to focus entirely on DNA typing. The symposium featured talks by industry leaders, 120 scientific posters, more than 50 vendors in the forensic field, and workshops ranging form bioinformatics workflow to probabilistic genotyping.

New faSTR™ Forensic DNA System for Portable, Cost-Effective STR Profiling

In one of the conference’s closing keynote presentations, Dr. Landers showcased faSTR as the smallest, lightest STR analysis system ever produced. Currently in its final development stage with field testing scheduled in the second quarter of 2018, faSTR has a clear path to expand from 10 loci to 20 core CODIS loci and is one of the technologies emerging from Landers’ University of Virginia laboratory for commercial development.

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ZyGEM staff and scientists were available to talk about rapid DNA extraction and to showcase the PDQeX for display. Quote of the day: “It’s so tiny!” Conference attendees were surprised at the small size of the PDQeX system – only 200 x 200 mm – with capabilities to prepare PCR-ready DNA within 7-20 minutes depending on the sample type.

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