Analytical Scientist Power List: James Landers, PhD

ZyGEM US Chief Scientist and Director Named to
Prestigious List of Influential Researchers

“Landers is working at the cutting edge to advance and expedite forensic testing. At the interface of the life and physical sciences, his research is contributing analytical tools that are both low-cost and high-performance.  This creative invention and active translation is a hallmark of Landers’ research.” (nominator’s comment)

Analytical Scientist recently released its 2017 power list of influential researchers, including the 10 ‘public defenders’ who are protecting people and the planet.  James Landers was recognized for his contributions particularly to the field of forensics.

Landers is a widely recognized expert on microfluidic devices, defining new approaches for fluidic control with a focus on simple, cost-effective fabrication for microfluidic devices. His research forms the foundation of ZyGEM’s microfluidic technologies, allowing for simple, hands-free, fully-automated DNA extraction and a pipeline of fully-integrated analytical platforms for DNA extraction, amplification and separation.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by my peers among this field of experts. Through my work at ZyGEM and in my UVA laboratory, we’re able to blend biochemistry and engineering in the pursuit of technical solutions that address urgent needs in the forensic, plant and life science sectors. And we’re making real market advances to address plant disease, human identification and life science challenges.”

Read more about the Analytical Scientist Power List here and see Landers’ profile here.

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