ZyGEM is an enabler of proven science and technology, delivering cost-effective, value-added manufacturing and distribution solutions to DNA markets in the forensic, life sciences, agricultural and horticultural sectors.

In 2015, MicroGEM International  acquired ZyGEM in New Zealand and MicroLab Diagnostics in the United States. Leveraging ZyGEM’s suite of unique reagents and MicroLab’s microfluidics expertise, the company focuses on DNA extraction capabilities, providing novel reagents and microfluidic instrumentation to forensic DNA markets, while delivering reagents and technologies for the life science, agricultural and horticultural industries.

All DNA-related products, including the company’s flagship product, the PDQeX System, and its unique library of chemistries are marketed under the well-known ZyGEM brand.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, MicroGEM’s operations are diversified across the globe, capitalizing on the specializations of the acquisitions as well as manufacturing capabilities in China. Global operations include:

  • ZyGEM UK Southampton, England | Global Headquarters
  • ZyGEM NZ Hamilton, New Zealand | R&D: Chemistries and Reagents
  • ZyGEM US Charlottesville, USA | R&D: Microfluidics & Forensics
  • LiGEM Guilin, China | Manufacturing

For more information about these research capabilities, visit Research and Development.

For information about our DNA-related technologies and chemistries, visit Products.

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