MicroGEM International is emerging as a leader in products for basic research, forensics and molecular diagnostics.  It produces innovative DNA extraction products, as well as enzymes used in molecular biology, diagnostics and industrial applications.

Now sold under the well-known ZyGEM brand name, our products have an established reputation for quality and innovation. The company’s DNA extraction and detection products significantly increase the speed, yield and accuracy of the analytic process. The current suite of ZyGEM reagents includes:

  • prepGEM: addresses most sample types and applications in basic and biomedical research
  • forensicGEM: delivers fast, low-cost DNA profiling in forensics
  • phytoGEM: recovers DNA from leaves, stems, needles, pollen, fungi and plant pathogens
  • RNAGEM: provides a simple and efficient method for RNA extraction and gene expression analysis.

MicroGEM International is adding new technologies, products and product line extensions to its offerings and is expanding its geographic and industry reach. With research and product development facilities in the United States and New Zealand, MicroGEM International is well positioned to develop new diagnostic tools including low-cost, rapid sampling and DNA extraction devices.

PDQeX 2400

Current nucleic acid extraction methods are complex which makes them difficult and costly to automate. ZyGEM chemistry bypasses these shortfalls and so has allowed us to develop a device with no moving parts to prepare PCR-ready DNA within 7-20 minutes.

The PDQeX 2400 system uses specially designed consumable cartridges which contain prepGEM/forensicGEM and other enzymes and reagents. It can be used for many forensic samples and its ability to lyse sperms cells makes it ideal for rapid Y chromosome screening. For agriculture, and plant R&D, ZyGEM have completely removed the onerous requirement to grind leaves in liquid nitrogen. The PDQeX 2400 is fully developed and already has uptake in the forensic, plant and life sciences markets.

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