In 2015, MicroGEM International PLC acquired ZyGEM in New Zealand and MicroLab Diagnostics in the United States. Today, these two research resources drive the company’s innovation, ensuring the ZyGEM family of products addresses the most pressing issues faced by the forensics, agricultural, horticultural and life sciences sectors. Building upon long-standing expertise in useful bioagents extracted from extremophilic organisms, these R&D resources continue to push the frontiers of cutting-edge microfluidics enabled by their fleet of X-GEM reagent kits.


MicroGEM’s Culture Collection

As a world leader in identifying enzymes extracted from extremophiles (microorganisms from extreme environments), ZyGEM NZ produces innovative DNA extraction products, as well as enzymes used in molecular biology, diagnostics and industrial applications. Its foundation is based on 25 years of research into extremophiles and an extraordinary collection of cultured bacteria, archaea and fungi isolated in environments ranging from 0° to 106°C.

ZyGEM reagents have an established reputation for quality and innovation that provide important benefits to customers, including significantly increased speed, yield and accuracy of the analytic process. The New Zealand team is adding new technologies, products and product line extensions to its offerings and is well advanced in the development of new diagnostic tools including low-cost, rapid sampling and DNA extraction devices.

Integrated Microfluidic Technologies

ZyGEM PDQeX 2400

Microfluidics is a critical function in the automation of the processing and testing of samples and the ultimate “lab on a chip.” MicroLab Diagnostics was launched in 2008, using technology, intellectual property and expertise out of the department of chemistry at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, to develop microfluidic technology for rapid DNA analysis for human identification.

Today, MicroLab Diagnostics operates as ZyGEM US, focusing its efforts on creating truly integrated microfluidic technologies that revolutionize DNA analysis for forensic applications. Using a non-solid phase DNA extraction, patented infrared PCR and a unique polymer, the USA team is developing innovative products to improve forensic analysis on both national and international landscapes.

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