Portable PDQeX

The benchtop PDQeX 2400 (right) with its mini version – the Portable PDQeX (left)

The ZyGEM Portable PDQeX will be the answer for efficient and accurate DNA extraction in the field. Currently undergoing final testing, this little powerhouse will provide the capacity to extract 16 samples in 6-20 minutes depending on the sample type. At only 2.7 kg (under 6 pounds) and with USB/Bluetooth capabilities, it will be ideally suited for quick forensic DNA testing at the scene or for on-site agricultural and plant extraction. The Portable PDQeX will be released for sale Q4 2018.

Portable qPCR

Fully-functioning 8-well research prototype of the ZyGEM Portable qPCR


In early 2019, ZyGEM will release its  Portable qPCR device to pair field work with the Portable PDQeX. This dual-wavelength, 16-well instrument is formatted to take off-the-shelf consumables and, like the Portable PDQeX, will be operated from a tablet or mobile phone.






MicroGEM Integrated Analytical Platforms

This family of platforms are rapid DNA instruments that will combine processes (extraction, amplification and separation), into single, small, and easy-to-use devices to minimise labour, reduce contamination risk and produce very fast results; variants of these devices will be for field use.


This field DNA analysis instrument, expected to be available for early adoption and evaluation in mid-2018, will be capable of generating a 6 loci profile in less than 60 minutes.


Research concept of ZyGEM’s QX

This integrated extraction qPCR instrument will have no moving parts other than a cooling fan and will have a running time of less than 15 minutes sample to answer. We are planning models with dual wavelength, 16 qPCR reactions performed on 1, 2, 4 or 8 samples. Coming in 2020.






For more information about technologies in development, contact info@zygem.com.

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